Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The ultimate bad day at the office....(the death of a species)

Just a quick post:
How's your working week going? Had a bad day at the office?

More specifically have you ever left work with a sinking feeling that you didn't send that email, or that you didn't submit that important report to your boss?

Well for those of you that have, spare a thought for the zookeeper at Hobart Zoo who in 1936 made one grave work based error...

Hobart Zoo in 1936 was home to the last known Thylacine (more commonly known to you and me as the Tasmanian Tiger), a carnivorous marsupial once found all over, Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea.

The very last Thylcaine (posthumously named Benjamin) was found dead on the 7th September, 1936 the purported cause...the zookeeper had forgotten to open its sleeping quarters and thus exposure had killed the last of such a majestic species.

For more on this beautiful animal please see the wikipedia article or go to your local library and get out this excellent book, or indeed this one.
So much has been written on the thylacine that I don't have that much to add other than to say watch this haunting footage taken at Hobart Zoo in 1933:

Whilst sightings of the Thylacine persist to this day it seems that the creature is lost to the annals of history - a reminder for us all of how irreversible human actions can be.
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