Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The UK's best job?

Jon Bennett, is a Fell Top Assessor.

"A what?!" I faintly hear you murmur into your tea/coffee/fair trade organic smoothie.

 Helvellyn dusted in snow. ©Simom Ledingham

A Fell Top Assessor is well exactly what one may presume it is. Jon's job is to ascend Helvellyn, the third highest peak in England, everyday to provide weather and ground conditions to hikers, climbers, and others who use the area for recreation.

The Guardian have an excellent piece on his daily routine and an interview with the man himself conducted whilst he goes about his business, both well worth the click.

Whilst I am bogged down, locked away writing (or attempting to write) a chapter for my thesis, this job, the antithesis of my present lifestyle sounds like heaven to me. In case Jon needs cover when he goes on holiday- I know the region well (ish), I know my way around an anemometer, and I could regale those I pass on the slopes with tales about postwar meteorology....

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