Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Will my street flood? Public understandings of digital weather forecasts and warnings

Below is an audio recording and accompanying slides, from my recent paper given at the European Society for Environmental History biennial conference, held in Munich from 20-24 August, 2013.

It was the first outing for some research and ideas I have been developing over the last year on the role that the internet is having in changing our relationship with weather forecasts and warnings. I'm hoping to develop this presentation into a paper for an academic journal, so would greatly appreciate feedback in the comments section or via email. As well as any links to any relevant secondary literature, I'd love to hear readers' views on the ideas presented below, and how they personally relate to your own use of online and digital weather services.

Apologies for the video and sound quality, it was recorded on an iPad and something weird has happened to the aspect ratio of the slides in converting them into a video.

As mentioned above, please leave feedback below, or contact me directly.

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