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Over the past few years, alongside my main research I have been involved with a wide range of other projects as both a consultant and volunteer. Ranging from digital content management for academic projects to consultancy for organisations looking to improve their sustainability, below are some of the highlights of this work, grouped under the following headings:

Creative Digital Work
Digital Content Management
Sustainability Consultancy
Public Engagement and Outreach

If you are interested in learning anything further about any of these projects, or enquiring about my rates for future consultancy work, please drop me an email: alexanderfrederickhall[at]gmail[dot]com.

Creative Digital Work:

Digital Composite Images

Whilst working on the Snow Scenes project at the University of Nottingham I came across the vast Hardman Photo Library at the Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry. Although all the images in this archive have now been lovingly digitised and made available online, unfortunately the museum still have very little information about when and where each image was taken.

An Island Memory
Alexander Hall © 2014 from an original by Joseph Hardman
I decided to try and help the museum with this problem, whilst furthering the project's aim of researching past winters in Cumbria and ended up creating a series of fourteen composite images, similar to the one displayed here. The images were all put on exhibition at the museum from January to March 2014, and were hugely successful in helping to broaden participation in the project.

All of the images can be viewed here, and are available for sale for £55 framed, or £30 print only. Please get in touch for further information.

North Sea Floods Commemoration

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the North Sea Floods of 1953 that devastated the east coast of England and vast swathes of the Netherlands, I decided to visit some of the afflicted regions and see whether the floods had left a visible footprint on communities. The result of this trip was this short video commemorating the floods and exploring their legacy.

Digital Content Management:

ICHSTM 2013 Blog

In early 2013 I was invited to get involved with a group tasked with exploring how to improve the digital and online presence of the upcoming International Congress of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine being held in Manchester in July 2013. As a result of chairing this committee I ended up leading the delivery of an innovative programme of online and digital activities associated with the conference. Centred on the ICHSTM 2013 Blog, which  in the build-up to the conference featured posts by academics due to speak at ICHSTM, the project also included video recordings of special events, live-streaming of sessions, audio recordings of selected papers, and the publication of a daily bulletin during the conference.

Science and Entertainment Lab

In 2014 I helped Dr David Kirby and the Playing God project team in the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine at the University of Manchester create The Science and Entertainment Laboratory, an online portal exploring the relationship between science and entertainment media.

Sustainability Consultancy:

For four years, from 2008-2012, I was a sustainability consultant for Sustainable Events Ltd. In this role I managed a diverse range of projects for businesses and organisations in the event industry who wished to improve the sustainability of their operations. From the implementation of waste management plans, to ensuring certification to international standards, such as ISO 20121, I was repeatedly tasked with finding creative solutions to an organisation's issues, often using only a limited budget.

In this role I worked with high-profile clients, including Manchester United Football Club and the Aviva Stadium Dublin, as well as speaking at large international conferences, and training board members of FTSE 100 companies. I am still available to advise on many aspects of implementing sustainability programmes within an organisation; from writing sustainability policies and developing strategic objectives through to delivering creative recycling solutions and energy saving initiatives.

Public Engagement and Outreach:

Bright Club Manchester

The Thinker: the Bright Club logo
In May 2013, whilst working on the ICHSTM 2013 project, I was persuaded (read tricked), into taking part in a comedy night being held as part of the conference's social programme. Bright Club is a series of nights run across the UK, started by Steve Cross at UCL, which aim to get academics and experts up on stage to make a general audience see the funny side of their research.

My set in July 2013 was hugely enjoyable and a great success and I really believed in the concept of the night itself, and so since last summer I have been a co-organiser of Manchester Bright Club. Occasionally part of larger events, such as the Manchester Histories Festival and Manchester Science Festival, we organise about 4-6 nights per year.

Snow Scenes

The Snow Scenes project aims to collect, collate, and analyse memories of severe winters in the UK. For the project I have delivered an innovative public engagement programme, designed to ensure participation across a broad demographic of the case study community. I used a multi-platform approach that integrated digital submission methods such as social media sites and the project website, with traditional engagement approaches such as written submissions and community events.

As part of the project I have written newsletter articles, appeared on local radio, given public lectures, organised community events, and developed an exhibition of project images (see above), for community groups ranging from libraries and museums to climbing clubs and parish councils.

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